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2018 Events Calendar (Update 02/02/18)

Jan                                         Chamber Dinner and Awards

Feb                        14           Valentine’s Day

Feb                         16           BCR, Valentine, Eagles, 6:30-8:30

March                   11           Spring Forward

March                   17           St Patrick’ Day

March                                   Garibaldi Crab Races

March                   24-25     Oregon Coast Comic Con

April                     7-8         Headlight Herald Home and Garden Show

May                       5              Cinco de Mayo

May                       11           BCR, Eagles, 6:30-8:30

May                       13           Mother’s Day

May                    19            Law Enforcement Officers Wheel Show

May                                       Rockaway Beach Kite Festival

May                       28           Memorial Day

June                      8-9          Bounty on the Bay                          

June                      9              Tillamook Farmer’s Market Opens

June                                      Cork and Brew

June                       30           June Dairy Parade

July                        4              Multiple Events, multiple cities

July                        14?         Relay for Life

July                        27-29?   Garibaldi Days

August                  10           BCR, Eagles, 6:30-8:30

August                  8-11?     Tillamook County Fair (BCR maybe 13th 6pm)

August                24-25     Oregon Tuna Classic

August                  22?         NW Classics Car Show Hanger

September         1              Rockaway Carnival in the Park

September         8              YMCA Fundraiser

September         28?         Farmer’s Market Closes

October                31           Halloween

November          4              Fall Back (Time)

November          9              BCR, Eagles, 6:30-9:30

November          11           Veterans’ Day


? An Estimate, Unable to locate this year’s schedule