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August 5, 2020

The clouds are retreating back to the coast this morning while offshore, a trough of low pressure moves eastward towards the area.  With mostly sunny skies and westerly winds 5-10, the afternoon high is expected to reach close to 70. The approaching trough and a weakening front pushes in the clouds tonight then some light rain around midnight with the winds shifting to southwesterly 5-10, tonight’s low around 57.
The light rain transitions to light showers around noon tomorrow as the trough and front continues to the east with conditions then improving later tomorrow afternoon., highs near 68, lows near 52.

We expect mostly sunny skies Friday though the afternoon winds increase to northwesterly 8-12 gusting to 20, the high up near 70.  Hopefully, you like this forecast because it is repeated Saturday and Sunday as well.  We will also have partly cloudy to clear nights, lows near 52.

The extended forecast for Monday and Tuesday, oh darn, sunny, maybe a cloud or two in the afternoon, highs near 70, partly cloudy nights, lows near 54.


COVID-19 Corrections

Just to clear things up due to the OHA COVID Page errors. At the end of last week, we were at 24 positive cases with all of them having cleared.  This weekend we were notified of 4 new cases, a family unit, bringing our total to 28. Here is where things got foggy.

Monday we were notified of two more cases, but Tracing found one of the two traveled to Tillamook to be tested though they did not live here. This brough our number to 29 but OHA had already reported the two cases on their website.

Yesterday we were notified of another positive case, but again, OHA recorded two. The ONE new case brought our total to 30 positive cases. Lots of moving parts on both our parts.  

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