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February 15, 2019

There is a low-pressure center to the west of central Oregon drifting southeastward that is pushing showers up over the area. Good news, for now anyway, the snow level is up to 2500-3500’ here along the coast.  The models show the low moving onshore near central Oregon this evening so the shower activity should continue and may be enhanced as the low moves close.

Another disturbance drops down tomorrow night into Sunday along the coast so we should see another period of rain starting tomorrow evening.  The low will also be pushing in some cooler air so there is a slight chance of low-level snow in scattered showers early Sunday morning when the temperature bottoms out at around 33.  Obviously, the snow level falls below 1500’ tomorrow so the higher Coast Range passes will likely see additional snow, maybe another 1-3” through Sunday.

High pressure builds in Sunday morning and we dry out and enjoy a mostly sunny day, the high near 46. With mostly clear skies that night though, the low is expected to fall to around 31.  Monday on, more disturbances are expected to drop down though the area that will bring periods of showers and also maintains a snow level that will bounce between 1000’ to 1500’. 

The one to watch at this point is a stronger low that is forecasted to impact our area around Friday.  The models show it pulling the snow level down but also being a moist system.  Also, next week is another period of King Tides that peek around Thursday, so more tidal flooding is possible in the usual areas in North, Central and South county.  Remember to that as the lows pass down the coast, they tend to cause a tidal anomaly of a foot to a foot and a half which aggravates the already higher tides causing additional flooding in those areas.  


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