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Tillamook Area Forecast

July 18, 2019

A weak trough of low pressure moved across this morning and we still have a slight chance of seeing a light shower from this for a couple more hours.  The next weak disturbance moves across later tonight into tomorrow morning but this one will do little except maybe give us some light drizzle in the morning hours tomorrow.  Highs today in the upper 60s, and lows tonight, well, in the low 50s for a change.

Tomorrow a high pressure ridge starts to build in and persists through the weekend, which helps to dry things out more, bringing in mostly sunny days and a mostly clear nights, highs near 69, the low still down around 52.  The rest of the weekend looks pretty good as well, sunny with highs in the low 70s with mostly clear nights, lows near 54.

Another trough approaches the coast on Monday but stays offshore and just gives us a few more clouds, especially in the morning hours Tuesday.  Wednesday another trough passes to the north which will give us some marine clouds along the coast in the morning hours once again, but little else.  High around 70, lows near 56.