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January 17, 2020

We had a chilly start this morning with outside temperatures down right at freezing.  With some showers moving through there were several low areas that had snow this morning and more snow is falling in the passes and ODOT’s is reporting that both Hwy 6 and 26 have packed snow across the summit at 10am.  Temperatures here are finally starting to rise, we are up to 37 at the airport after a morning low of 32 though late last night it dropped to 30 briefly.

The forecast is that the temperatures and the snow level will continue to rise today with some southerly winds ahead of a system approaching from the southwest, the level reaching around 1500’ this afternoon which is good as more rain is expected from the system moving northeastward today.  If your “long weekend” travels include the Cascades, or the Gorge, check before you go as the incoming rain will be snow and ice in those areas, the snow level rising to near 2500’ tonight, except in the Gorge.

The rain will ease tomorrow with only a 40% chance of rain still tomorrow night into Sunday as a weak ridge moves through that may actually dry things out Sunday night though we could see some patchy morning fog into Monday morning.  Speaking of Monday, which is MLK Day, and a holiday for me, we can expect a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. 

We have the next low pressure area moving toward the area Tuesday but it likely will push in some rain starting Monday night.  Temperatures will be more typical for this time of year, highs around the upper 40s to low 50s and lows in the low 40s.  The low pressure area pushes in the rain Tuesday into Wednesday as it approaches the Canadian Coast.  This suggest the heavier rain will be to the north, but we still get a decent shot of rain that will increase river flow rates once again, but not to any levels causing river flooding concerns, assuming nothing changes….


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