Sunday, August 14, 2022

This week’s weather

To say things don't change much is an understatement, watch, I will just modify last week's weather...

Today will pretty much be a repeat of yesterday, sunny, winds becoming westerly 4-8, the high up near 85 again.  Tonight, mostly clear skies, lows near 54.

For the work week...the ridge builds and heat things up again...

For the start of the week, sunny skies, northerly winds 5-10, the high near 88, then mostly clear Monday night, calm winds, lows near 56. 

Tuesday looks sunny, winds becoming northerly 8-12 gusting to 20, the high near 91. Mostly clear tomorrow night, calm winds, lows near 58. 

Wednesday and Thursday we climb into the mid 90s under sunny skies, partly clear skies both nights, calm winds, lows near 61.

Friday we start to see some weak disturbances weaken the low some so the highs Friday back down to 90 then into the mid 80s for the weekend.  Partly cloudy nights, lows back in the upper 50s.

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